ecoGeeks OXY-SEPTIC Drain Field Cleaner BULK Package

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NOW BULK PACKAGED FOR FREE SHIPPING! Comes in four (4), 8 lb sealed bags.

Professional-Grade Septic System Drain-Field Restoration and Maintenance 
Avoid / Clear Clogged Drain fields With ecoGeeks OXY-Septic

• Nontoxic and Fast Acting ecoGeeks OXY-Septic works to clean and clear your septic drain field faster than enzyme or bacteria products.

Why does this come in bags now?: We reformulated ecoGeeks OXY-Septic in 2020 to completely remove any 'filler.'

We now hand-package OXY-Septic with two separate layers of active powder in each of the 4 bags. The top layer is a pure, high alkaline component which will break down fats and effectively turn them into soap. This helps to break down any fatty buildup that may be on top of the bio-mat in your drain field. The second 'layer' is the purest available, industrial-grade oxygen bleach which, when it comes in contact with the anaerobic waste build up in your Drain Field, releases oxygen, breaking up excess buildup, biomat and other organic contaminants. You cannot buy the grade of oxygen bleach we use in any stores.

WE SHIP IMMEDIATELY AFTER MANUFACTURING: We manufacture this product in-house and by hand. The product you receive from us will generally be no more than 10 days old. 

Please note: OXY-Septic is shipped WITHOUT the commercial packaging. It will arrive in TWO separate USPS Priority Mail Packages.

You must have access to your system's Drain Field in order to use this product. Pouring it in the septic tank will have limited effect.

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