ecoGeeks OXY-SEPTIC Septic System Drain Field Cleaner

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NOW BULK PACKAGED FOR FREE SHIPPING! Comes in four (4), 8 lb sealed bags.

Professional-Grade Septic System Drain-Field Restoration and Maintenance 
Avoid Clogged Septic Drain fields With OXY-Septic available at
Avoid / Clear Clogged Drain fields With ecoGeeks OXY-Septic

• Nontoxic and Fast Acting ecoGeeks OXY-Septic works to clean and clear your septic drain field faster than enzyme or bacteria products.

WE SHIP RIGHT AFTER MANUFACTURING: We manufacture this product in-house and by hand. The product you receive from us will generally be no more than 10 days old. 

Please note: OXY-Septic is shipped without that commercial packaging. It will arrive in TWO separate USPS Priority Mail Packages.

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