ecoGeeks OXY-Boost Mixture for Mold and Mildew Removal and Oxidation

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Quick Fix: Mix 5 to 10 ounces (8 - 10 TBS) of ecoGeeks OXY-Boost per Gallon of hot water. (detailed Instructions Below)

What Is Mildew?
Mildew is a living organism (fungus) which is normally observed as a black or dull gray deposit on exterior and interior surfaces. Mildew does not grow directly on a surface but on the accumulation of dust and other organic materials that settle on it.

In addition to a food source, warmth, moisture, and a shady location all encourage the growth of mildew. The most common types of mildew are black or gray but some are green or even red in color.   Mildew is a surface problem that can occur on siding, shingles, decks, patios, roofing materials, stucco, driveways and even concrete. Normally it does not affect the strength or other important properties of exterior surfaces. It just looks bad and can make allergies difficult.

How To Test For Mildew:
Many times mildew looks like dirty spots and is hard to visually identify. An easy way to test to see if it is present is to dab a drop or two of a fresh ecoGeeks OXY-Boost solution. (1 tsp. dissolved in a pint of hot water or approximately 3% hydrogen peroxide).

Mildew will usually bleach out in a minute or two. Dark areas that do not bleach are likely dirt which is unaffected by oxidizers.

Other Common Exterior Stains:
These can generally include tannins from leaves, algae, mold, animal and bird droppings, organic matter, food, grease and oil.

How Much ecoGeeks OXY-Boost Should I Use?

A pound of our OXY-Boost oxygen bleach will clean 150 to 300 square feet of surface. Factors affecting coverage are temperature, substrate, surface porosity, degree and type of stain. For example: leaf tannin stains are normally very easy to clean but mildew imbedded into roofing shingles may require more than one application.

Many professional roof cleaners apply ecoGeeks OXY-Boost solution to asphalt shingle roofs and either rinse or let weather off.

Instructions for Use:

- Remove any loose soil or dirt if possible.

- Wet the surface with water.

- Prepare cleaning solution by dissolving 4-5 ounces (8-10 TBS) of ecoGeeks OXY-Boost and approximately 1/2 tsp liquid detergent (or dish soap) per gallon of hot water.

- Allow 5 minutes for OXY-Boost to dissolve and become “cleaning active”.

-  Apply “cleaning active” solution with a mop, roller, sponge or rag. A pump sprayer or a positive displacement applicator is good for applying solution to vertical or pitched surfaces like stairs, roofs, siding, railings or fences.

Note: Pressure washers and garden hose attachment sprayers are not normally recommended as they will tend to over dilute the cleaning solution during use. If you have any questions about application and cleaning methods please contact us.

Any type of scrubbing or other mechanical cleaning action will aid stain removal. We recommend using a stiff bristle brush or broom to help to loosen organic matter from surface. Obviously, this is not always possible.

- Wait 20–30 minutes and scrub again then rinse area thoroughly with water.

-Repeat as necessary, especially for really heavily stained areas.

Solution can remain “cleaning active” for up to 3 hours but will be most effective when used soon after mixing.

Avoid cleaning in excessive temperatures or in direct sunlight as the cleaning solution will dry out and not remain active.

HEY!: Do not store in a sealed container as the “cleaning active” solution will give off oxygen and may cause the container to leak or burst. And by "burst," we mean, make a very loud noise!